About Us



Owners Steve, Matt and Jim Imo, have over 40 years experience in consistently producing the finest Italian Sausage, Pizza Toppings, Meatballs and Italian Roast Beef.  The Imo brothers grew up making pizzas and sausages with their father, Charles Imo.  Charles' original trade was a ceramic tile and marble craftsmen.  His hobby was blending spices and making a variety of fresh, original Italian sausages for his friends and relatives.  Once word of his delicious signature sausages got out, requests came from many well known pizza and Italian restaurants throughout St. Louis.  Since the beginning Charles Imo and his sons have vowed to always use the finest ingredients.  Every product is packed with you, your invent ory control, and ease of use in mind. Critics rave over our Salsiccia and Lugoniga. 

Customer Satisfaction


We can help you top your pizza the way you want.  We supply the finest quality products for the industry and we are anxiously awaiting to help you select the right products for your food business.  Imo Meat and Sausage serves a consistent products that will guarantee satisfaction.  By utilizing our services you will be able to meet all of your menu needs, while focusing on maximizing your business growth.



Please do not stop with our sausages. Whether you are a pizza owner, restaurateur or distributer, you can select from our line of fresh meat and pizza toppings including our hand pinched style toppings, meatballs, pepperoni or create your own product through our custom formulation.